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Shitakusa: a delicate accent to complete bonsai exhibitions

Also known as accent plants, shitakusa represent an essential component of the traditional Japanese bonsai display, both in the tokonoma and in official bonsai exhibitions.

Recognizing the growing appeal that accent plants have on the European bonsai scene, In Arte Bonsai offers a wide selection of shitakusa specimens, including elegant oriental species as well as small and delicate native flowering plants, each contained in beautiful stoneware shitakusa pots.

According to the principles of the bonsai discipline, the perfect shitakusa is the one that, with simplicity and elegance, helps to highlight the movement and line of each bonsai specimen, emphasizing the season in which the tree is displayed and suggesting an ideal setting for the representation.

Due to their small size, shitakusa require careful and dedicated care, equal in all respects to the care required for bonsai trees cultivation: this makes them an interesting opportunity to alternate precision and finishing work on smaller interventions with the work on larger plants.

  • Cyclamen


    € 24,00 € 20,00

  • Fragaria


    € 24,00

  • Iris


    € 22,00

  • shitakusa
    Ophiopogon japonicus

    Ophiopogon japonicus

    € 19,00

  • Polygonum capitatum

    Polygonum capitatum

    € 24,00

  • Saxifraga stolonifera

    Saxifraga stolonifera

    € 29,00 € 24,00

  • Violet


    € 19,00

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