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Payments and shipments

Payments and shipments


Payment for the products purchased on the website, including shipping costs, must be made by the customer immediately after the order confirmation, using the following methods:

Payment via PayPal: In Arte Bonsai offers secure online shopping through payment via PayPal. Upon order confirmation, if the customer chooses this payment method, they will receive a pro-forma PayPal invoice via email and a link to make the payment in just a few seconds.

Bank transfer payment: Payment can be made via bank transfer. Payment must be made within 3 working days from the order confirmation to In Arte Bonsai, beyond this period the order will be considered void. The owner, reason for payment, and IBAN code required for the bank transfer will be communicated on the order confirmation.

Important: invoice must be requested before making the payment and, in the case of purchases made by a company, the identification code must be communicated along with all personal data.


The products purchased will be delivered by In Arte Bonsai via mail or courier to the address indicated by the customer during the ordering phase, exclusively within Italian territory, on all working days. The fiscal and travel documents will be included inside the package.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer and may vary depending on the courier used, the weight of the packages, and the value of the order. If it is necessary for In Arte Bonsai to divide the shipment, no additional costs will be added to the customer.

The delivery times indicated by In Arte Bonsai refer to the products in stock and are not binding on In Arte Bonsai.

The delivery of the packages to the courier by In Arte Bonsai to begin the shipment will take place, indicatively and without this imposing any obligation on In Arte Bonsai, within 48 hours after receipt of payment. The shipped products will be delivered within the next 2 working days, except for islands and disadvantaged areas, for which 3 working days are expected if the shipment is via courier. Due to these times, especially in the case of bonsai shipments, In Arte Bonsai will prefer shipments in the first days of the week.

Special delivery conditions and terms must be agreed upon in advance between the customer and In Arte Bonsai.

In the event of the recipient's absence from the intended delivery location, In Arte Bonsai will not be responsible for damages and additional costs resulting from the delay in retrieval.

The products are shipped in cardboard boxes of different sizes, sealed on the top and bottom with packing tape. The customer is required to check upon receipt that the product delivered to them corresponds to their order, according to the following: a) the number of packages indicated on the carrier's letter corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered; b) the package is intact, undamaged, not wet, and otherwise conforms to the characteristics described above. Only after this verification, the customer must sign the delivery note, after which they cannot make any complaints regarding the external characteristics of what they received from their order. In the event that there is no correspondence between the order and delivery, according to the above rules, the customer must not accept the goods and raise the complaint directly with the carrier.


In Arte Bonsai

The In Arte Bonsai project was created to bring on the internet experience and professionalism in the field of bonsai nursery and education. On our website, customers can find a wide selection of bonsai trees and everything needed for the practice of this fascinating and ancient art. Through constant care and attention to details, In Arte Bonsai aims at providing uniquee, exclusive and high-quality materials.


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