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Terre en Vadrouille

A potter's passion for bonsai art

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Laurence Larroudé grew up in an artistic family and has always been drawn to Asian culture. She is particularly passionate about tea and collects furniture, boxes, and decorated objects.

Painting and drawing, writing, and ceramics played a key role in her education. This passion for Asia, combined with her Western culture, led her to create her first decorated bowls and teapots.

Gilles Kaczmarek learned to work with clay during a workshop in 1978. He then studied with the French ceramist Jean Bersoux and followed several Raku workshops in northern France. Later, he was trained with the help of two ceramicist bibles: "The Potter's Book" and "Clay and Glazes". Gilles then began producing Raku ceramics and then dedicated himself to producing bowls in stoneware and porcelain.

Laurence and Gilles have over 50 years of experience in the production of ceramic objects and in the transmission of their know-how. In 2009, they fell in love with Korean ceramics and also with the Japanese Mingei movement of the early 20th century.

Terre en Vadrouille is the result of the meeting of these two ceramic lovers.

Their adventure with Bonsai began in 2012 thanks to their meeting with the vice president of Bonsai Yamadori 04 in S.te Tulle, Robert Boulard, who introduced them to his passion for Mame Bonsai and in particular for the Fig.

Curious and fascinated by this Japanese art and motivated by the desire to learn and understand more, they turned to creating Mame and Shohin pots.

Robert Boulard guided them by explaining the expectations of bonsai enthusiasts regarding the choice of pots in terms of shape and size.

They started with the creation of Mame pots in 2013 and then moved on to the production of Shohin pots in stoneware or porcelain in a variety of original hand-painted colors and designs. Each piece is fired at very high temperatures to ensure maximum resistance to frost and impact.

Laurence and Gilles also repair pots with the KINTSUGI technique, adapting it to bonsai pots. They have replaced the usually used gold lacquer with gold, bronze, or silver, which they also use to create Tempaï in collaboration with a friend who is a micro-founder.


In Arte Bonsai

The In Arte Bonsai project was created to bring on the internet experience and professionalism in the field of bonsai nursery and education. On our website, customers can find a wide selection of bonsai trees and everything needed for the practice of this fascinating and ancient art. Through constant care and attention to details, In Arte Bonsai aims at providing uniquee, exclusive and high-quality materials.


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