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When passion turns into profession

The In Arte Bonsai project was created from an idea of IBS Instructor Carmelo Bonanno, who put his experience to practice by bringing  on the internet his professionalism in the field of bonsai nursery and education.

Instructor Carmelo Bonanno began his educational journey as a student in 2006 at the recognized IBS Bonsai Time school under the guidance of IBS instructor Giorgio Castagneri. After six years of study, during which he participated in numerous events and workshops with Japanese masters such as Minoru Akiyama and Isao Omachi, he successfully passed the exam that promoted him to instructor of the Bonsai Time school. From that moment on, he became increasingly passionate about the educational aspect and was involved in promoting and teaching the art of bonsai.

In 2015, after several more years of study and research, he successfully passed the exam that allowed him to become an IBS instructor, and at that point, he decided to turn his passion, supported by his experience, into a profession. He did so by establishing a strong collaboration with the Noaro Nursery in Camporosso (IM), within which he opened a branch of the Bonsai Time school. At the same time, with the help of the nursery environment, he began to expand the commercial aspect of bonsai, making a wide selection of bonsai, pre-bonsai, and materials for their processing and maintenance available to customers and students.

In 2018, the In Arte Bonsai project began to take shape, an international reality capable of offering high-level educational and commercial offers.

The educational courses are designed and divided to satisfy any technical level of those who use them. They take place both at the Noaro Nursery headquarters and at home for pre-formed groups or individual customers. The Bonsai Time school also offers the possibility of single working days at the headquarters or at home and organizes events and workshops dedicated to the practice and promotion of the ancient art of bonsai.

The great innovation of In Arte Bonsai is the introduction of its educational and commercial offers on the web, giving everyone the opportunity to purchase their educational path, as well as their bonsai and everything that can raise their cultivation level.


In Arte Bonsai

The In Arte Bonsai project was created to bring on the internet experience and professionalism in the field of bonsai nursery and education. On our website, customers can find a wide selection of bonsai trees and everything needed for the practice of this fascinating and ancient art. Through constant care and attention to details, In Arte Bonsai aims at providing uniquee, exclusive and high-quality materials.


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