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Steel Inox: the new bonsai tools in stainless steel by In Arte Bonsai.


A range of high-quality bonsai tools all made of stainless steel.

In Arte Bonsai is pleased to present the new Steel Inox tools for bonsai processing: a wide selection of high-quality stainless steel bonsai tools. These are sturdy, easy-to-use products that stand out from most bonsai tools currently on the market due to their excellent quality-price ratio.

Made in China and aimed at both amateur and expert approaches, these tools are gradually gaining recognition in the professional field, where they are used daily for the processing of indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, as well as for collection specimens.

The range of Steel Inox bonsai tools consists of two different lines, one in classic stainless steel and one in brushed stainless steel, characterized by excellent blade quality and practical and easy-to-use design.

Both lines contain all the fundamental tools for those approaching the art of bonsai for the first time, as well as some tools designed for those who have already embarked on an advanced path.

What tools are needed to work on bonsai trees?

More and more curious and bonsai lovers ask us what tools are necessary to start working on potted plants. Given the multitude of tools used by masters and professionals during lessons and demonstrations, the question is more than legitimate.

To answer as clearly as possible, we thought we would take the opportunity to list all the fundamental bonsai tools that cannot be missing in the "bonsai suitcase" of the bonsai enthusiast. You can find all the items mentioned here in the equipment section dedicated to the Steel Inox line.

For those starting from scratch, the advice is to get the following essential tools, indispensable for giving a first setting to the plants and caring for the growth of bonsai:

• Pruning shears, the best tool for pruning the crown and smaller branches. Depending on the length of the handle, they are ideal for working on the inner parts of the crown or on the outer parts.

• Oblique cutters, the most suitable for pruning medium-large branches. The particular cut of the blade allows the plant to heal quickly.

• Wire cutters, essential for removing wire from branches without damaging them. Again, wire cutters of different lengths are available to easily reach the inner parts of the plant.

These fundamental bonsai tools alone allow you to perform many of the main processes. The condition is that they have high-quality blades, allowing for clean and precise cuts, avoiding the breaking of the cuticle and facilitating tissue healing. In addition to these products, bonsai wire is an indispensable element for the realization of the project.

For those who need to repot, we suggest choosing specific tools for this operation, such as sickles, rakes, and hooks, ideal for removing soil. To remove roots and taproots, we finally recommend using root scissors and root cutters.

It is also important to highlight the importance of tools such as the defoliator, perfect for quickly removing leaves even from the inner parts of the crown, as well as jin pliers, specially designed to peel the bark off branches and create jin, suggestive scenographic elements of deadwood.

After the work is finished, the advice is to store everything in a case, preferably specific for bonsai tools, which, thanks to the internal pockets and a convenient zipper closure, allows you to keep the tools clean and protected from accidental bumps.

With regular and proper maintenance, Steel Inox tools can accompany you in the processing of your bonsai trees for years to come, allowing you to always operate with respect for the plant and to achieve greater technical mastery and confidence in your bonsai dialogue. Today, however, many argue that only handmade Japanese tools can offer the same level of quality and precision.

Why choose bonsai tools produced in China? Is the quality of the steel truly compatible with advanced processing techniques? According to us, absolutely yes.

Are Chinese bonsai tools reliable?

While the quality of high-end Japanese tools is indisputable, it is worth noting that for the past decade or so, any bonsai enthusiast can achieve high standards of workmanship thanks to new lines of mid-range tools produced in China.

Our Steel Inox range aims to meet this very need, and allows you to experience the quality and convenience of Chinese products, which are in every way comparable to those of famous Japanese manufacturers.

One of the essential characteristics that differentiates a good bonsai tool from a mediocre one is the quality of stainless steel: scissors, shears, and pliers must be sharp, but also strong enough to withstand the stresses they are subjected to during pruning and initial shaping of bonsai.

If used correctly, a mid-range Chinese tool can guarantee excellent results in terms of performance as well as the health of the tree. The stainless steel blades we offer are sharp, durable, and precise. So, the answer to the initial question is yes: Steel Inox bonsai tools are an excellent alternative to Japanese bonsai tool lines as they are efficient, durable, and last but not least, easy to maintain.




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