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Arcobonsai 2021


A well organized and satisfactory exhibition

On September 24th, 25th, and 26th, took place Arcobonsai 2021 , now in its 35th edition. This is certainly the most important event in Italy, but this year it has taken on an even more valuable significance for several reasons.

Firstly, the last edition was held in 2019. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition was cancelled, while the 2021 edition was moved from May to September. The wait was long and expectations were very high, but they were not disappointed: both the exhibition and the market, as well as the many demonstrations and conferences, were of the highest level. This was not at all obvious, as the organizers, led as usual by Gabriele Sbaraini, had to modify logistics and spaces based on the numerous Covid-related restrictions. Well, everything was perfect: the exhibition with restricted entry was accessible without queues, while the technical demonstrations enjoyed a huge space that could accommodate all demonstrators and the public without creating crowds. In short, our compliments this year are double, given the exceptional nature of the period!

Secondly, the program planned for 2020 was rescheduled to May and then to September 2021 without changes and saw a joint congress of the two largest Italian associations, Ubi and Ibs. The Ubi exhibition-competition also saw the presence of Ibs Instructors' specimens, creating an exhibition of the highest level, with many exceptional bonsai trees in terms of maturity and aesthetic care. As for the demonstrations, on Saturday the Ibs Instructors, including our Carmelo Bonanno, performed, working on a tasso baccata with the collaboration of two students from our school. On Sunday, it was the turn of the Ubi member clubs, who competed in the competition for the processing of a specimen.

In Arte Bonsai was present at the exhibition with a Scots pine bonsai tree from our Ibs Instructor Carmelo Bonanno, a specimen unexpectedly awarded by Eba - European Bonsai Association - which made it even more appreciated and precious.

The weekend was long and full of activities, and the atmosphere was positive and constructive: the expectations of those who attended the event were met in every aspect, and we can't wait to start experiencing moments like this again without postponements and cancellations.




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