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Azalea satsuki var. kaho

€ 3.740,00 (VAT included)

This specimen of Japanese azalea (kaho variety) is both majestic and massive. Those are two fundamental characteristics for a top rated bonsai. In the period of May/June its flowering will fill the foliage with colour. Kaho Azalea variety has a bichromatic flowering, so flowers are white and pink. Photos taken in April 2023.

Outdoor bonsai trees
  • Tree height: 90 cm.

    Tree width: 85 cm.

    Nebari: 30 cm.

    Unglazed rectangular bonsai pot, as in photo, included in price.


  • For more information, please visit our Contact page. You can also contact us at the email address or by calling +39 392 472 1270.

    To ensure absolute safety to the tree, on this specimen it is preferable to agree on delivery methods different from the standard ones.

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